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Comments: This online barter/exchange group works on a point system. If you have something you don't want, you post it as an offer, and if there's something you do want, you can grab it (providing you've got enough points for it). You can also post items you are looking for and have your wish granted. About once a month there are special themed grabs or auctions. They have loads of contests and fun games, social conversations also.We're having a contest now to post about it and get more members and I could win a $25 Visa card! So be sure to tell them that Robin R. sent you!
, Oh USA - 04/26/10 at 19:23:56 (EST)
: I just surfed in to your website. I am located in the San Joaquin Valley of California. It is good to see that God is blessing your ministry. I have some free outlines and some for sale @ Feel free to browse my site. God bless you. Pastor Wood
Pastor L. V. Wood
Bakersfield, ca USA - 02/22/10 at 01:28:05 (EST)
free magazines
fredrick homadzi
accra, wa Ghana - 02/20/10 at 13:31:20 (EST)
THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO POST MY COMMENTS. Have you heard? The Rapture of the Believers is May 21, 2011 and October 21, 2011 is the End of the World. Please contact and for more information - (800) 543-1495 SEEK JESUS WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME! READ THE BIBLE! 1). Peter 4:7: But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. 2). Joel 2:1-2: Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand; A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be anymore after it, even to the years of many generations.
, USA - 02/16/10 at 16:42:30 (EST)
thanks 4 join in ur mission
abraham lusekelo
dar-es-salaam, Tanzania - 01/08/10 at 08:13:18 (EST)
Thanks and big greeting from the sweden and from my hearts joy, be encourage that joy for gospel and of the Holy Spirits powers deeds ,start one new home that pray with anothers and celebrate for Jesus,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden
, sweden - 01/04/10 at 13:30:25 (EST)
Dear friends. Please pray for our nine-year-old ministry -- (Testifying Jesus’ Love in Truth). We make free resumes, teach free English weekly, and do free translations/interpretations in 17 languages to any church or organization that asks us to. We also give out 3000 tracts each week, and we get people who are abused, have mental illness and other problems into churches and places where they can receive help, and get kids into free dentists. We love the Lord, and love the ministry he has blessed us with. We are deeply committed to fighting racism and poverty. Please send us your prayers (Email:, and pass our site to friends, missionaries and family, as there are many who are lonely. At the moment we are trying to set up a pen pal club so people from all over can write to others and develop friendships. Also, please send our website to all of your friends, as we are thrilled when Christians connect. Nobody should be lonely. If you read this and are lonely, please contact us and we will do our best to get you into a good church wherever you are in the world. Please also click on and read the Bible verse of the day, and say a prayer for us. Is there anyway we can help you? Please contact us. Praise God, contact us if you are lonely, and God bless you. To our American friends: Please read article 51 on our site “Things I love about America.”
Ian Reid
Toronto, on canada - 12/09/09 at 12:59:59 (EST)
Dear Respected Sir: I Raja Babu, working as a Pastor from 7 years having my own Ministries “JOICE GOSPEL MINISTRIES’. I have a great thirst in preaching the Lord’s Message. I want this message to be known to every corner of the Villages. I have 20 workers, working in different villages as evangelists. These people are having a small group of believers. I want to have a meeting together with all these people at least for 10 – 15 days so that these people can know more about our Truth. At the same time my congregation are below poverty line as it is we are drought without rains. And these people are physically, mentally and spiritually draught too. I want you to understand the situation of my Ministry. If you can stretch forth your hands in spreading the gospel of the Lord to the people, who are thirst for the Gospel of the Lord. We are very happy to invite you to India for these meetings. The Ministry will be blessed if you can come and conduct meetings. We will work with you.. We all will give you full co-operation. Please pray for the Ministry. I will be looking forward for your positive answer. May God bless you and give you good health and strength while you are spreading the Gospel of the Lord. Closing with God’s blessings, Yours Lord Servant, Raja Babu Joice Gospel Ministries
guntur, ap india - 10/29/09 at 05:33:50 (EST)
WE Need of your help for bibles please Dear Beloved in christ, Peace to you,and the grace of our lord jesus christ be with you,family and ministry in the Almighty name of our lord jesus christ Amen. It pains a lot to live in grieves and distress in this unfeeling world.Many cry but they can find food nor shelter.I see poverty and much pains in life.Life was rough,survival was tough,i survived because i am born to survive,above all i am alive today,because of God divine intervention. My name is Pastor Femi Jackson,i was born on the 3rd day of may 1934 in a little village in northern part of Nigeria.During my childhood to adult stage i tasted and passed through all the difficulties in life as an orphan in my early age.I was born and abandoned with a old nanny in a village,after the death of my both parent at age six in that far northern Nigeria.Howver my both parent were from Ondo state by birth in southern part of Nigeria. After the death of the old nanny seven years later,i tasted and control the agony of the worst kind in life.Twenty one years later i eventually went to ONDO State with the intention to fine my parent family relatives and ostracize myself from the poverty that clung to me.It was not easy,unfortunately iwas unable to locate them.AKURE life turned out to be stange and i slowly degenerated into drunkenness and all other forms of satanic oppressions.I call this an era of total loss of control.I had bad luck over and over on my choice of friends.I became a hopeless slave to every contemptible habit,slave to fear,depression,smoking and immorality. Within this years,i had no time to reflect on any moment of my life.It was the pains,frustration and loneliness that i encountered that brought me to a personal relationship with jesus.I was so ashamed that i was too dull and careless to realized and recognized the many times God speaking to me before my repentance.Two years later God place a vision in my heart, To evangelize through Markets,Prisons,Hospitals,Schools and to Teach,Preach and Demonstrate the gospel of jesus christ to our communities,so that people's faith will not rest in man's wisdom,but in the power of God and destroy the works of darkness. This mission is been carried out by me and eight other members of the local church assembly which i fellowship.The church is pastored by Pastor Femi Jackson.We depend on the lord to move the hearts of friends and people who are impressed or blessed with what we are doing. Beloved,i have a need, i want you to no of.I need a Bible for my use.I have none at present.The one given to me was misplace in one of our outreach.I would want you to send me a KJV study Bible and strong's exhaustive concordance.My friend has that type and it is perfectly nice for reference and studies.I cannot afford to buy a copy because it is too expensive.Please, on behalf of our many converts who cannot afford to buy a bible,please send some copies for distribution,the demand is pressing.We need plenty of bibles but we need at least 12 bibles not for individuals but for 12 families[probably husband,wife or wives in case of polygamy and children] who cannot afford to buy a bible.Other christian books are necessary. We planned to purchase some bibles here,if God provide.They are sold for [# 7,500] for a box of 20 Holy bibles.This money is equal to fifty dollars America money.Please help us in prayer that God should move the heart of people towards this need. Thank you very much,and i hope you will understand.Please do not hesitate to send your support or if you have any information you want to ask about me and mnistry,i will seek to answer them as fully as possible.We are praying for you and all your efforts in trying to assist other through your ministry.As for us,we simply press forward in the proclaimation of the wonderful message of salvation committed to our trust Thanks and God bless you in thousand folds.I am hoping to hear from you very soon.My postal address is written below: In His fellowship, Pastor Femi Jackson BOX 824 BENIN CITY,EDO STATE,NIGERIA.
Pastor Femi Jackson
Benin city, ed Nigeria - 10/26/09 at 10:53:53 (EST)
May the peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you! My name is Tim, the creator of 2 christian websites, which I invite you to view and share with others. They are located at: and Have a blessed day. For any prayer requests or comments, I can be reached at 405-413-6278.
Timothy Alexander
OKC, OK USA - 08/25/09 at 10:41:24 (EST)
i have heard of the good things you are doing to enhance the religion Christ Jesus left in our care. may the Lord bless you all for yourenresting efforts. now sirs, am a new christian convert and i would be grateful if you could assist me with a holy bible. this is my addresss: Pentecost J.S.S, P.O.Box 198, Ashaiman, Ghana(00233). i hope my himble request would capture your undivided attention to attend to my request also. thank you very much. may the Lord bebwith you all. AMEN!!!!!.
ernest boateng bediako
ashaiman, wa Ghana - 07/27/09 at 10:28:40 (EST)
its really nice to read some bible story that can enhance us as a christian person.
surigao, USA - 02/18/09 at 00:54:36 (EST)
Good Day. Anything looked at closely becomes wonderful. I am from Republic and learning to write in English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "When you see that the water coming out is a whitish brown color it time to stop and reap the rewards." With love :P, Nevin.
Iowa, Lo Republic - 02/14/09 at 05:33:50 (EST)
Good site
Tokyo, tx USA - 02/09/09 at 17:50:01 (EST)
Beautiful site
Tokyo, ny Japan - 02/09/09 at 16:11:43 (EST)
Best site
Tokyo, tx Japan - 02/09/09 at 13:51:36 (EST)
I like your site
Tokyo, tx France - 02/09/09 at 11:10:46 (EST)
God Bless New Unity Baptist Church of baltimore city 100 South Poppleton Street Baltimore md 21223 Rev. Tony Anthony Lawson 2nd servant leader available soon
Tony Lawson
, USA - 01/15/09 at 20:21:39 (EST)
Your website is so nice. I have enjoyed reading all of the church information. It is good to see you in this century, using the tools at hand. Keep up the good work, may God continue to bless you, your family and your church family. Sincerely
Janis Williams
Ypsilanti, Mi USA - 01/12/09 at 23:40:05 (EST)
hello, good site.
Tokyo, ny USA - 12/05/08 at 20:47:25 (EST)
I am so blessed to be a member of such a wonderful church family - St. Paul. We have a Pastor who truly loves God and his church. God Bless you St. Paul, thank you Brother Simon Horgrow for a wonderful site.
Donna Jones
Ann Arbor, MI USA - 11/07/08 at 09:00:26 (EST)
Dearest friends! May God bless your service. Vladislav
, - 09/15/08 at 17:00:52 (EST)
Good site plese visit to site! thank you!
, USA - 08/29/08 at 19:38:16 (EST)
Thanks for your website service
Chennai, TN India - 06/09/08 at 00:55:34 (EST)
ny, ny USA - 04/01/08 at 20:07:21 (EST)
I visited your web page which exponds many Biblical truths .I was much inspired and strengthened by the power of God .Indeed God has spiritually blessed your ministry to grow in grace and in the knowledge.By the grace of our lord I built 7 congregations.My prime aim is to convert many souls in advencement of the kingdom of our lord.I established 7 congregations orphanage and old aged widow home we do not have any monetary assitance from in and arround.Even though our lord enable me to provide food and clothing for the children.If any one who moves compassion towards our orphans and widows please send make contact to my e-mail address.My e-mail is( your sacrificial offerings and contributions for our lord May God bless you all
kiran kumar Raju.B .PASTOR
west godavari, Ap INDIA-534260 - 03/11/08 at 05:14:11 (EST)
Peace, Brothers!
, USA - 03/07/08 at 21:00:50 (EST)
I am so happy upon visiting your website and please remeber that we are praying for you and your ministry.My mission is in Arakan Cotabato province.
Willie Puerin
Valencia, Bu Philippines - 12/21/07 at 20:34:02 (EST)
Thanks for all your help by placing your letters of invite on the internet they are a great help, especially if you are a small church just getting started. Our church is New Covenant Baptist Church and we are celebrating our 3rd Year Church Anniversary Sunday, December 9, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. Our pastor's name is Rev. Kimble Allen. Our Church address is P. O. Box 15643, Hattiesburg, MS 39404. We would welcome any helpful suggestions on improving our worship service and any program ideas for maintaing church members. Yours in Christ, Barbara S. Johnson Church Clerk
Barbara s. Johnson
Hattiesburg, MS USA - 11/28/07 at 00:50:16 (EST)
Greetings from 2nd Chance Church, Flint, MI Pastor Aldridge's secretary. Your website is beautiful and very helpful. Keep us the good work.
Hazel Miller
Flint, MI USA - 09/27/07 at 10:07:19 (EST)
Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much!
mevhknhgbn, mevhknhgbn mevhknhgbn - 05/01/07 at 00:24:43 (EST)
Dear pastor, your site is great. I appreicate your good works. I am praying for you and the ministry. Be blessed and used by God, Please visit our website; for details, stay connected, with love
Rev Dr Joseph
, USA - 04/17/07 at 13:33:58 (EST)
nice site
Houwit, Houwit USA - 03/30/07 at 17:08:55 (EST)
my god talk you to newday in the god site member ST STEPHEN MBC MEMEPHIS TN DR J ADAM FAMILY HORGOWE FLY
memphis, tn USA - 03/25/07 at 14:09:49 (EST)
Great information thanks.
, USA - 03/17/07 at 14:05:01 (EST)
Great information thanks.
, USA - 03/17/07 at 12:38:49 (EST)
Today again we desire God´s grace and new power that win this of evil bad and sin of our life,let us too joy anyway and win many men to Jesus.Pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
, sweden - 03/16/07 at 05:46:17 (EST)

Arabia, hhfgdgdf USA - 01/26/07 at 17:01:40 (EST)
Looking for information and found it at this great site...
NYC, NY USA - 12/30/06 at 15:36:17 (EST)
Hello! Nice site!
Toronto, Canada - 12/28/06 at 20:06:48 (EST)
I like your website and PHOTO'S! Have a great and healthy holiday season. Your friend, Stuart.
stuart hoffman
owensville, mo USA - 09/30/06 at 08:15:22 (EST)
we will win
bangkok, 181 - 09/11/06 at 04:11:50 (EST)
What a very pretty website you have. My pal Dot is going in for corrective spinal surgery on Thursday, Sept. 7th, 2006 and will be off work about 8 weeks. Will all of you pray for her? Thanks. - Lee
Chgo, IL USA - 09/05/06 at 16:21:34 (EST)
LAKE CHARLES, LA USA - 08/27/06 at 09:17:42 (EST)
Your website is good. former pastor of Hallmark MBC,Pamboitiz Besa
Pamboitiz Besa
Surigao City, Ph Philippines - 08/21/06 at 04:03:17 (EST)
Very nice site!
NYC, NY USA - 07/19/06 at 01:56:03 (EST)
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
NYC, NY USA - 07/12/06 at 05:19:56 (EST)
@ Polvo de la Tierra, Is the church age over? The eternal Church exist of all who God hath saved, and these will live with Him forever in Heaven. 1 Peter 2:5 we read: Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building. … whose builder and maker is God. We read this in 1 Corinthians 3:9 and in Hebrews 11:10 For more Bible-information, please visit the E-Bible Fellowship. Live on Internet:
, - 05/28/06 at 17:07:25 (EST)
God bless you! Can you please pray? Please just pray God will answer EVERY prayer request on my prayer lists and EVERY prayer request on my heart too! THanks! God bless you and your in Jesus' name amen.... and please pray? THanks
, USA - 05/18/06 at 14:12:07 (EST)
Gorgerous site. Everything looks fine and detailed. You're a very talented site maker, too. Keep it up! <p style='line-height:0px;visibility:hidden'></p>
Devin Duffy
NY, NY USA - 04/29/06 at 08:51:03 (EST)
I am blessed to be a part of this great Congregation, it is my prayer that God's will be done at St.Paul.
Tiffany Burroughs
Ann Arbor, Mi USA - 11/20/05 at 15:48:15 (EST)
When I first saw this site I was very surprised.I did not think techology was the strong suite of christians. Clearly I was wrong. I was really touched by the story of the pastor. Few men are this open about their lives and fewer yet share it with such cander. If anything else I will always have the example he is setting here to guide me. I have to admit being a little biaised because I know the man. It is really hard to know the man without becoming impressed. This is a great. I would like to think of it as the extension of church building, a place where one can mingle with fellow christians. Go bless you Pastor Gordon. We, your brothers in Christ, all over the World, love you. Noel
Noel Bekrou
Ann Arbor, MI USA - 09/20/05 at 16:30:19 (EST)
I'm looking for info on how the first black baptist church started hope you can help me thank you
Ella Richardson
Racine, WI USA - 09/12/05 at 17:11:46 (EST)
"If he comes suddenly,do not let him find you sleeping."So our spirit is alert ,but flech is week,so be fil of the Holy Spirit and light and fire and joy always for Jesus. Can you pray for gospel revival?Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
, sweden - 06/24/05 at 01:53:21 (EST)
Hello and how is everyone? I'm fine. For those that don't recognize me by my name, I'm Deacon Earl's daughter:) I just wanted to stop by and leave a note in the guestbook. You all have a nice page. The last time I came to this web page I forgot to sign the guestbook. Hopefully I'll be visiting the St.Paul church family next weekend. In the meantime visit my church web page and pray for our church family. It's
, USA - 05/17/05 at 16:50:24 (EST)
Hi, I found your Web Site by Google, and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site. Please, pray to God for a powerful revival! A revival appears when God's Spirit reveals a "forgotten" Biblical truth so that it becomes preached anew. Is it any "new" truth in the Bible that has not become preached, and that can bring forth a radical revival? There are at least THREE such truths in the Bible that have not been preached. Please, read more on my Website.
Allan Svensson
, Sweden - 04/10/05 at 12:12:58 (EST)
My Dear Beloved Brotheren in Christ, Grace and peace to you, to your beloved family and Brothers & Sisters there with you in the Ministry. Wonderful greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord, soon coming Savior Jesus Christ. I am Pastor Ratnam, 23 years, serving the Lord in the coastal line of Bay of Bengal, South India. Working with Tribes, Fisherman And untouchable Communities. When I was 18 years old lord had talked to me. So, here I would like to inform you that if allow me I would like to share about my ministry. Looking forward with hope to hear from you soon. Yours in His service, Pastor Ratnam.
Pastor Ratnam
Tenali, India - 02/01/05 at 08:27:17 (EST)
IS THE CHURCH DEAD? What kind of question is that? Many people still attend church each week. For more Bible-information, please visit the E-Bible Fellowship - thank you,
Polvo de la Tierra
, USA - 12/26/04 at 06:21:32 (EST)
DELRAY BEACH, FL USA - 12/04/04 at 10:39:40 (EST)
Guest of Mother Gladys Harris. We always enjoy your services when we come to visit. May God Bless you all!
Jerome & Sitella Harris
Redford, MI USA - 11/25/04 at 21:10:27 (EST)
Hello Pastor: I just put mom on-line. Her address is Alou79 So long for now. May God continue to smile on you.
Rev. Terrell Weatherspoon
ypsilanti, MI USA - 11/15/04 at 15:02:49 (EST)

Rev. Terrell
, USA - 11/15/04 at 14:56:00 (EST)
Christian greetings,you have a dynamic and spirited site.I am Danny Haszard Bangor Maine former member of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Rockland Massachusetts.I am NOW a Christian and a counter-cult educator.God bless all your endeavors."Happy are the pure in heart".[Matthew 5:8]
Danny Haszard
Bangor, Me USA - 11/09/04 at 18:10:43 (EST)
Christian greetings,you have a dynamic and spirited site.I am Danny Haszard Bangor Maine former member of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Rockland Massachusetts.I am NOW a Christian and a counter-cult educator.God bless all your endeavors."Happy are the pure in heart".[Matthew 5:8]
Danny Haszard
Bangor, Me USA - 11/09/04 at 18:10:37 (EST) Thanks for letting me sign your guest-book. I hope you are well and doing alright in these last days, if not and hurting, suffering, going through some troublesome times then don’t hesitate to visit our site and read the wealth of info available. May God richly bless you, love Brother Lee.
Brother Lee
, UK - 05/22/04 at 13:12:35 (EST)
Just wanted to say hello. My name is Jason Stutler. I pastor in Parkersburg, WV. The name of our church is Faith Gospel Church. You can visit our website at
Jason Stutler
Parkersburg, WV USA - 03/12/04 at 13:58:33 (EST)

JoAnne Wash
memphis, tn USA - 01/04/04 at 00:05:18 (EST)
I was truly blessed by your website. I bring you greetings from the pastor and members of Harbor Heights Baptist Church. I invite you to stop by and visit our website at
Louis Zingarelli, Jr. - Deacon
Baltimore, MD United States - 12/22/03 at 00:22:19 (EST)
I am from Chicago, But I live here in Georgia, And I'll like for you all to bring our group to your city in the very near future! This is our web, Please let me hear from you! Arthur Crume
Arthur Crume
Reidsville, GA USA - 09/08/03 at 15:05:17 (EST)
wonderful site. Blessing and i am deeply blessed by the wonderful salvation ministry the Lord has given you. we love you all.we need prayer for Africa. Embassy of praise,Ghana
pastor Emmanuel k.Nkrumah
Accra, Ghana,west africa - 08/21/03 at 12:02:34 (EST)
I reaaly enjoyed your site, keep up the good work for the Lord. Know that we at Unity & Faith are praying with you always. Bishop Mcknight Sr. Presiding International Bishop Unity & Faith Full Gospel Asssociation Inc.
Bishop Donald Mcknight Sr.
Kent , Wa USA - 08/13/03 at 22:37:37 (EST)
Hello, from ; it's great to visit again! We appreciate all our spiritual kinfolk---and we've been able to meet some of them, including ya'll, "out here in cyber-space mountain"! *grin*, but serious! His love and blessings, as you "EXALT HIM"!
Akron, OH USA - 08/05/03 at 20:53:01 (EST)
Greetings! This website is very thorough and organized. I gained a great deal of knowledge of St.Paul Missionary Baptist Church. I am currently looking for a church home. I plan to attend services on Sunday, 7/20. Hopefully, my search has ended. God Bless You, Serena Hale
Serena Hale
Ann Arbor, MI USA - 07/17/03 at 13:49:12 (EST)
I was glad to come across your site, I enjoyed it, and I say to you and to those that are working with you in the vision keep looking up........ Be Blessed Man Of God. If you have a chance please go view our site I think you will love what you see, we are about oneness in the body and in the work of the Lord. I hope that in due season we will be able to come togather and have true fellowship. If you need us for any reason please call on us and I will do what I know to do to help you in the work of the Lord. Yours In Christ Bishop Donald A. Mcknight Sr. Presiding International Bishop Unity & Faith Full Gospel Association Inc.
Bishop Donald A. Mcknight
Kent , Wa USA - 07/11/03 at 16:06:09 (EST)
I know Maurice back in the day!! We were buddies at the University of Redlands. Glad to hear he is doing good!
Eric Webb
Newport Beach, ca USA - 06/02/03 at 17:08:53 (EST)
Thanks, sincerely...we've enjoyed visiting. We gather encouragement as we see others are giving their best to labor for "The Master"! Thank you for your presence here---a lighthouse from you---to the whole world! God Bless one an all!! " stop by an see us at when convenient, won't you? Smile...better yet, please visit He Is Able---another great site! THANKS! His Love and Blessings to you, yours, and your sharing here!! ~.j.^
Jerry [ Heart to Heart ]
Akron, OH USA - 05/29/03 at 18:15:04 (EST)
YPSILANTI, mi USA - 04/09/03 at 17:44:49 (EST)
Your website is good.By the way,please include us in your prayer that God will provide Hallmark Baptist Church in Surigao City with lot and building.'Till here and may YHWH richly bless you all.Pam Besa
Pamboitiz Besa
Surigao City, Ph Philippines - 02/17/03 at 00:06:22 (EST)
Hello...A blessing to visit again...***QUOTE: The "fellowship" is the greatest ship ever built, and yet it is the one that springs the most "leaks"! *S*, but serious; [ Heart to Heart ] [ He Is Able ]
, OH USA - 11/09/02 at 20:09:36 (EST)
Great Web site Bro. Horgrow. I feel so blessed to a part of the St. Paul family.
Tina Jones
Ann Arbor , MI USA - 09/20/02 at 11:34:24 (EST)
Great Job Bro. Simon. May God continue to Bless our Church family that we may be as one body in christ. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
Vivian Eddins
Ann Arbor, MI USA - 08/21/02 at 15:21:03 (EST)
Great Site! Please visit ours at Revival Fires are burning!!
Chad Hensley
Joplin, Mo USA - 04/11/02 at 11:29:26 (EST)
This is a beautiful site. My name is June Patterson and I am a member of First Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in North Chicago Illinois. I am also a relative of the Horgrow family. "How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Almight! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.
June Patterson
North Chicago, IL USA - 03/06/02 at 16:10:56 (EST)
sherman lackland
memphis, tn USA - 03/06/02 at 15:35:41 (EST)
Nice Site!!!! vist our site New Salem Missionary Baptist Church.(New Salem Missionary

Aliceville, AL USA - 02/06/02 at 15:55:21 (EST)
Lovely site. I am inviting you all to visit my site at See you soon and please sign the guestbook. Dee
Temple of Faith
, oh USA - 01/24/02 at 05:24:54 (EST)
I am a friend and co-worker of a member of your church Mrs. Cora Horgrow. And I attend New Grace Apostolic Temple right around the corner of your church on Packard Rd. in Ann Arbor.Thank you for inviting me to your guest book.and I have also attended your services once being a guest of Cora's.
robin gibbs
ypsilanti, mi USA - 11/28/01 at 10:55:23 (EST)
I loved the web page. Excellent work Brother Simon. Be blessed!!!
LaTresa Wiley ()
, USA - 11/26/01 at 13:38:24 (EST)
I am a proud member of St Paul and this web site makes me even prouder. God bless you Bro. Horgrow for the work you are putting into this project.
Darrell Steward
Ann Arbor, Mi USA - 11/23/01 at 21:16:03 (EST)
I just surfed in....Nice Web site ! I am wondering if anybody has ever seen this photo un-holy smokes Unbelievable ! Seen at check it out ..............God Bless America!
muskegon, mi USA - 10/03/01 at 09:57:09 (EST)
Nice web page. Have a Blessed Day!!
Alice Horgrow
Ann Arbor, MI USA - 09/10/01 at 10:24:44 (EST)

Valerie Munson
Ypsilanti, MI USA - 09/10/01 at 08:27:19 (EST)