Ann Eskridge
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Dramatic Scripts & Documentaries

inner: Honorable Mention 2010 Wordhuster.comThe Raven
Illustrations by
Solomon Johnson


Click here to download an excerpt of The Raven

Two men, one black the other white, become Underground Railroad conductors only to discover that this endeavor is also jeopardizing their lifelong friendship. Valentine and Solomon have made their home in Ripley, Ohio and are part of the Underground Railroad. But young, impulsive, and chronically depressed Solomon is more interested in the adventure than in the rescues while Valentine, a fugitive slave himself, is determined to die for the cause.  Under the nom de guerre of the Raven, they help fugitive slaves escape from Kentucky across the Ohio River through the secret system where the slaves wind up safely farther North or in Canada---or at least that’s what’s suppose to happen.  In a quest for romantic adventure and to show his independence, Solomon tries rescuing a slave by himself, but botches it. He incurs the anger of his partner. They sever their relationship. But the botched rescue attracts Slade, a slave catcher, who is determined to trap and kill The Raven.  


Winner Honorable Mention: 2010

The Weather Reports: Eye of the Storm

Click here to download an excerpt of The Weather Reports

Rainey Weather was an ordinary middle aged woman and middle school teacher who took care of ailing parents before they passed. Then one day she fell off a ladder and injured herself and needed medical attention. Instead, she sought the help of a healer and became one herself. Once she started healing all hell broke loose. She now has to battle her psychic girlfriend's dead husband, find the daughter of a dying man, and work to help a widow find a purpose for living. This is the first in a series of books called The Weather Reports.


Sometimes this world make you want to shrivel up and get mean. A person got to resist the temptation to do that. That's hero enough in my mind.--Lucy Johnson from The Sanctuary