noteworthy (nöt'wûr'thë )
Deserving notice or attention; notable: Attracting notice as being unusual or extraordinary. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

The NoteWorthy Band
A collaboration of diverse musicians, inspired by the spirituality of music NoteWorthys style is a fusion of old-school and new, and appeals to a wide spectrum of tastes. Whether they are playing a bluesy rendition of a classic hit or an original creation, NoteWorthy keeps it RAW, INTENSE and REAL.

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If you've seen us before, you know what you're in for (tell your friends!!). If not, experience the excitement of an R&B, Blues, Jazz and Rock-infused Soul Band (Wow, you need to see this . . . . WE'VE GOT VIDEO !!! . . . Check us out!).

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