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PLAY >> Judge B. Pennie Millender is a member of the "Dynamic TEN" 36th District Court Judges


Honorable B. Pennie Millender,
Presiding Judge of Civil & Real Estate
36th District Court

Governor Jennifer Granholm appointed Judge B. Pennie Millender to 36th District Court in December 2003. Judge Millender was elected to serve a full term on 36th District Court in November 2004.

Prior to her appointment Millender served as a Magistrate at 36th District Court for five years. Judge Millender earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; a Master of Arts in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from Wayne State University; and a Juris Doctorate from Detroit College of Law.

While studying law, Judge Millender also received several awards, including the Harold E. Bledsoe Award for Academic Excellence and the American Jurisprudence Book Award. She held internships with the Honorable Claudia House Morcom (Wayne County Circuit Court) and the Honorable Dennis W. Archer (Michigan Supreme Court).

Previously Judge Millender served as an attorney for the National Labor Relations Board, Region 7 from 1987-90, as well as chairperson and member of the Michigan Employment Security Board of Review from 1990-97. She presided as chairperson of the Civil Liberties Committee for the State Bar of Michigan from 1995-97.

Judge Millender credits her parents, the late Robert and Louise Millender, with influencing her commitment to public service and the pursuit of justice and equality for all Americans.



Member of the "Dynamic TEN" 36th District Court Judges