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Meet The Happy To Be Nappy Team!

Founder and CEO of Detroit’s renowned
Happy To Be Nappy Natural Hair Salon & Spa
would like to introduce you to her team of
talented stylists.

Happy people with a lot of creative skills make up the
Happy To Be Nappy Salon design team.

The entire Happy To Be Nappy Natural Hair Salon Team
wish to thank you for your continued patronage.

...and a special thanks from Me!
Ewanda Wyndella

Happy To Be Nappy's youngest stylist! Syeda has been braiding since she was eleven years old.
Trained under the guidance of her mother Ewanda Wyndella, Syeda is known for her patience with
Twist & Lock Extentions. She is wonderful with children and is the salons top perfectionist!
Happy To Be Nappy's Master Braider, known for her fast finger braiding and artistic designing skills.
Vikki is also multi-talented in Natural Hair, she' s trained in all phases of the craft. Vikki is also
excellent with children.
Known for her Multicultural Styling Savvy and Ethnic Flair, Sauni brings a warm spirit with every strand she intertwine. Owner of The Stolen Legacy in Highland Park, Michigan. This cultural boutique is definitely one of a kind. Knowledge is Power!

Happy To Be Nappy's Lead Stylist! Krystal is a Natural hair Master, specializing in all phases of Twist, Dreads and Natural Hair Extensions. The salons most Cultural Artist, Master Dancer & Fashion Designer. Also don't forget to beg her to design you her most sought after Hair Jewelry.
Happy To Be Nappy's most Gifted Stylist. If your looking for a stylist that is committed to excellence the Elsie
is the one for you. Whether a deep conditioning scalp massage or a commitment to sooth the soul, Elsie has
a Natural Moxie and proves to be a Dynamic Stylist, not to mention that she is always available to suit her customers busy schedule.
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